Group Instruction

"This course is giving me a sense of calm and preparedness."

 —GRE Prep course participant

“Ms. Ledwith, Thanks, thanks, thanks. Your workshop was very enlightening for our Teens."

— Lady Anna Kirksey, Top Teens of America

"The way you position your sentence can give you more room in your essay and make your essay look more presentable. "

— Student at Scholar Ready's Essay Writing Workshop

Scholar Ready is an educational services firm whose instructors work with teenagers and adults. Since 2004, the firm has been providing services to clients in the following areas: math tutoring, writing workshops, and test preparation.
Scholar Ready is certified as a State of Texas HUB and City of Houston Minority and Women owned enterprise.
Our Approach Expertise Key Personnel
Our Approach
Our firm works with clients to determine the needs of the students whom they serve. We believe in designing a plan to help students reach their educational goals. Scholar Ready accomplishes this through individual tutoring and small (less than 10 students) and medium-sized (11 to 20 students) group instruction.

MATH TUTORING: Scholar Ready provides math instruction in the following subjects:

Arithmetic Pre-Algebra Algebra I Geometry
Algebra II Algebra III Trigonometry Pre-Calculus
Math Modeling College Algebra Math of Money Calculus
WRITING WORKSHOPS: Our writing instructors seek to help students improve their communication skills. Based on student needs, a workshop could teach one or more of the following skills:
  • Self-editing compositions
  • Choosing a topic
  • Organizing and structuring ideas
  • Responding to an essay topic
  • Elaborating
  • Varying sentence structure
  • Understanding word choice
TEST PREPARATION: Is there a secret to performing well on standardized tests? Our instructors teach the subject matter and short cuts vital for students who want to boost their test scores. We have expertise in the following tests:
  • TAAS (Texas Assessment of Academic Skills)
  • TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills)
  • THEA (Texas Higher Education Assessment)
  •  GRE (Graduate Record Exam)
  •  PSAT (Pre-SAT)
  •  SAT
  •  ACT

Key Personnel
Jennifer Ledwith, Director, owns Scholar Ready. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Finance and Economics. Since 2002, Jennifer has tutored individuals and lectured small groups. In addition to her work with Scholar Ready clients, she has tutored students at Houston Community College, San Jacinto College, and the University of Oklahoma.
Houston Housing Authority, University of Houston-Clear Lake, Booker T. Washington High School, Top Teens of America, Jack and Jill of America, First Metropolitan Church — these groups have received Jennifer’s instruction about study skills, test-taking skills, math, and writing.

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