Living the Next Level

"I liked the following about Scholar Ready’s service: 1) The knowledge of the tutor, 2) Beautiful personality, 3) The convenient location and appointment time, 4) The ability of the tutor in working with my son."

—Mother of a Westfield High School Senior who passed TAKS

"I enjoy working with Jennifer because she made me feel good about myself. She encouraged me and helped me clearly understand the math. The homework helped me and I really appreciate Scholar Ready."

—Senior, Westfield High School, who passed TAKS to graduate from high school a few months later

"Thank you for keeping me updated on her college application activities. And thanks for keeping her focused."

—Mother of a C.E. King High School Senior

"This financial aid paperwork is confusing. I’m glad you filled it out for me."

—Mother of a Channelview High School Senior

"Thank for helping me with the essay. That diversity question was tough."

—Senior, North Shore Senior High School, who will attends Texas A & M University.

"This is outstanding, I'm glad we connected with you. Now my baby has several written career paths to choose from. I think you are going to be a positive influence in her life; it is good to have a shared focus base for her to be able to pull from."

—Father of a Crosby High School Freshman regarding his daughter’s personalized college action plan from Scholar Ready.

"We have an awesome tutor. For the first time, my daughter has straight A’s."

—Mother of a St. Pius X High School Junior

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