About Us

Mission Statement

At Scholar Ready, you write the mission statement. Just fill in the blanks:

Scholar Ready’s mission is to give ____________________________ (Your name here) the skills and confidence to overcome ______________________________ (the challenge(s) that drove you to visit www.scholaready.com , e-mail jdledwith @ scholaready.com , call (713) 553-6557, or meet Jennifer Ledwith.

Meet the Founder

Jennifer Ledwith started Scholar Ready, an educational services company, in 2004. She is determined to prepare tomorrow’s leaders for their next level. Jennifer graduated from the University of Oklahoma. Scholarships, grants, and work-study paid for educational expenses; she did not depend on loans. She affirms, “If I can do it, anyone can.”

Community Partner: Pro Bono Service
Scholar Ready teaches non-profit groups about educational opportunities. Recent groups include Jack and Jill of America and North Houston Frontier’s Club. Call (713) 553-6557 for more information.


  • University of Oklahoma President’s Special Recognition Award

  • Will Rogers Scholarship

  • Halliburton Scholarship

  • Teagle Foundation Scholarship

  • North Houston Frontier’s Club Scholarship

  • Papa John’s Scholarship

  • Diversity Enrichment Programs Intern Scholarship

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