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"I have a very busy life— family, church, work, and school. I knew that I needed a tutor to pass my College Algebra class and graduate from San Jacinto College. My tutor from Scholar Ready was readily available and took time to give insights. She knows her math and was very dedicated." —Barbara

"Ms. Jennifer, I'm so glad that you are preparing me for the SAT essay with timed writings; I am able to translate these skills to school work. In Advanced Placement English, I have to write a well-developed essay in 40 minutes. Without a doubt, I am prepared for the rigorous demands of writing well under pressure." —Maria L., a first year college student who is starting at the University of Texas as a sophomore due to Advanced Placement credit

A student glides to the front of the classroom to explain the math homework. Confidence beams from the student’s face. “Math is fun when I understand,” the student realizes. The teacher gives earned praise for the correct answer. What a difference tutoring makes.

As Scholar Ready, we instill strong Math & Problem solving skills with the “3 U’s”:

  1. Understand the problem.
  2. Use accurate information.
  3. You’ve got to practice.

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